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US tax compliance, accountancy & business management

ECNMX offers tax compliance, accountancy and business management to non-US clients doing business in the United States. Our clients include actors, directors, musicians, athletes, entertainers, gamers, influencers and entrepreneurs.

We advise clients on the most appropriate tax structures to minimise US tax liabilities, file tax returns to claim a refund of US taxes paid in excess, claim tax treaty benefits under the double taxation agreement between the US and other countries, and ensure they are fully compliant with their US tax obligations whilst minimising its impacts.

Our services are fully digital, efficient and transparent. We work with leading partners in the fintech industry in order to provide the best and most dynamic US tax preparation and international money management service for creative people outside of the US.

Whether you are traveling or moving to the US to work, setting up a new business or have US-source income even without ever setting foot in the US, we can help you understand your rights and obligations and navigate them efficiently and appropriately.

With offices in London, Stockholm and Los Angeles and Brasília, help is always at hand at a time that suits you.

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